I need these Prada 2011 clutches to do my work properly... and to breathe :)

Here at Heart Fairs, firstly, we love ourselves a blue & white stripe. We love it like we love chocolate.
Secondly, we also love dark blue, royal blue, navy blue and electric blue, and hot pink, and then any other bright and bold colours, except orange and yellow really , that remind us of flourescent lights in Miami. (most are making the rounds in the colour blocking trend right now)
Thirdly, we love anything equestrian, nautical or streamlined or striped-in-general.

and SO, I completely die for the following Prada 2011 clutches with family-crest shaped clasps in stitched leather, and for any of their similar brothers and sisters out there in the world not pictured .....
(email me more images if you find them!)

together with the fur stole is overkill 

IN LOVE with this. in love with it.

These, not so much:

this one i saw in plain blue leather and my heart sang - 
but in those tones and stripes it's not for me.
strangely enough, it looks do-able here.
this one enters tacky territory, the black patent-leather clasp against the colour choices, also not for me. Pink & white it could have been!!! I can already picture the knock-offs of this one at the night market here in KL.

a slight improvement but **buzz buzz*****

I dunno, just not a fan of this shape, see the beautiful baguette down below. Am i getting old? this seems like a bag for beautiful and really young California girls. 

Um, no.

There are so many varieties of these and most of them have stolen the heart of Heart Fairs.
Here are just a  few more beauties:


look only at the gorgeous baguette, that hideous skirt burns the eyes!

Amazing.  :)

Thanks, PRADA!