The New Range Rover Evoque

I'm obsessed with Range Rovers.
Y'all think i'm exaggerating, but this is my desktop wallpaper:

I alternate it with this one:

You know, as per the seasons. I'm not ashamed, just a little misunderstood maybe haha :)

But, when The Telegraph Fashion invited me to view the new Range Rover Evoque I had to look twice!! 
Check it out:

It's growing on me and I love the white but wtf, does this look like a Range Rover to you?
No, it looks like a BMW. It looks like if the x5 and the x6 got married and had a baby, which is so wrong b/c they are bother & sister.
What was I saying...?
Oh yeah, so I just dont know if this is a) unacceptable, or b) an exciting step into the future. Probably the latter I guess, as I like to think i'm open to forward-thinking, but it's hard!!

Also, if you read the invite, they are launching it with a 'visionary spectacle'. Since the event is in Manchester, UK, I will never know what that means :(
I figure it cant be too different from some the other inventive car-related things Heart Fairs has seen (hello, the exploding Lotus at Art Expo Malaysia was super cute will try to find a photo to post!!).

So, about this Evoque business - is this not kind of a step backward for women everywhere (come on you know they're marketing this at us)...?
It's kinda like when Gucci branded the Fiat 500, except I was never obsessed with Fiats and so I have never let that slide.
Let's just wait and see where this goes.

Like the Range Rover Evoque? Would you buy it?
What's a visionary spectacle?

**Just walked past a shiny navy blue range rover 20 mins ago, the normal kind, wanted to hug the driver! 

Thanks, The Telegraph!