The first ever: Art Stage Singapore

Just as an overview, here are some photos courtesy of the official Art Stage website.  Browsing through their gallery I can remember the buzz being there – also partly due to the free champagne I existed on for 4 days! The event was held at Marina Bay Expo &  Convention Center, waay underground, so that added to a weird feeling. Upstairs, outside, the view was amazing (see some snaps I took further below).

Singapore streets advertising the fair

The event (January 2011) was amazing - a great start to what will hopefully stay just huge enough to be both a fixture in the travelling art scene calendar and also super-fun. This year, it was not only a good time but packed with incredibly inspiring art world players left and right. I was overjoyed to be there! I hope it will always draw as good a crowd as that. 
The organisers and exhibitors have to be congratulated, because they brought a very high standard to the first ever Art Stage, a standard that meant people like me - visitors there to see great art, learn and have a good time - could really relax and enjoy. This is not to be underestimated at an art fair, and not at all easy to pull off with credibility.

Also, I attended almost every talk and absolutely drank it in, having been lecture-starved for a good year+, so I’ll do a separate post to summarise those and other highlights.

KAWS to greet you as you walk in

Visitors doing the rounds

The crowd for David LaChappelle (im in this pic! guess who)

 Lorenzo Rudolf - doing the thing he does that inspires me the most... having a great time at his own party :)
(Side note: I saw LR a few months before at the SAM opening for the Natee Utarit survey and I literally froze hahaha!! for the record I was thinking 'the man... i cant wait for art stage!' He looked at  me like 'why's she frozen...?' hahaha and then I ran away stylishly haha maybe one day Ill say hi!)

the VIPs in front of a VI work, the Ai WeiWei installation

Lasalle's Charles Merrewether checking out the barb wire at the Helutrans site parallel exhibit

A trifecta of awesomeness: Richard Koh introduces Natee Utarit's Birth of tragedy (2010) to the Rubells

And here are some pics I took on my phone from outside the venue in the open air. It was beautiful and rainy out at Marina Bay Sands.

Were you there?  What did you think of the first ever Art Stage Singapore?