FeedSquares is better than an Ipad 2 (wha?!)

I wanted an Ipad, among other reasons, because I wanted Flipboard.
But I was way off.

All the online reading so many of us do is made about 1.3million times easier when you use a magazine style app to sort it (i refuse to use the word 'curate' there) and when a friend showed me Flipboard I flipped out hehe. Long story short, Flipboard only lets you have 9 categories. Well people, I like waaay more than 9 categories of things in life which is one reason why I need a magazine style way to read it all!

Now, Hallelujah!, I have discovered Feedsquares, which has no limit far as I can see, and which needs no Ipad - just the internet, on the laptop or computer you already use every day. It is a wicked design that saves so much time compared to email links, especially because you can read and watch a lot of the content right there inside Feedsquares without visiting any websites. Feedquares creates an online magazine specifically for you about your personal interests, that you just log onto, whenever, wherever, to start reading. Amazing.

For those of you who know of these apps and/or do a lot of reading online, what do you think?

How to use Feedsquares:
I'm lazy and want to get back to reading Feedsquares, so here is a tutorial just for you. (that link should take you through how to install it in Google Chrome etc)
It's super easy. When I first started using Feedsquares, I had everything on subscription into my email or bookmarked pages in my browser, I had nothing on Google Reader, which is made specifically for following sites and blogs. Well, anyone with a Gmail account can also set up their Google Reader, use it to subscribe to your favourite sites by typing the name in 'add subscription' (including all those sites that you love but clog up your email), categorise those babies and forever onward enjoy life as it should be.

** of course, I still want an Ipad 2 to play with also!! :)