Jeff Koons Art Vehicles, Plural

4 sleeps till I see you....

In honour of how excited Heart Fairs is to see the BMW x Jeff Koons art car collaboration in person next week in Hong Kong, I have decided to resurface something related and even better:
GUILTY, the Jeff Koons yacht

This boat has long been a favourite, I visit it online often just to say 'hi' (yes Heart Fairs loves the luxury vehicles!).
Guilty is owned by Dakis Joannou. It is one of the (if not the) most original of the billionaire yachts out there, and while a lot of people see pop art in it, it only takes a second to see its true (and much more interesting) influence of WWI camouflage. Cool.

(These photos are by Andrea Ferrari on the best place to read about this boat)

Are you a fan, or is it too out there?