Hermes Helicopter

This is both a delight and a no-brainer, like discovering it's delicious to eat peanut butter on slices of Australian tasty when I was 10 ("I like cheese, I like PB...'')

Well, I love Hermes, and I love expensive vehicles... so all hail the new Hermes helicopter
Pictured here in Dubai, according to it is also transporting VIPs from Tokyo to Narita airport in what I would call a 30 minute trip of a lifetime!

My first choice in dream transportation is definitely an Hermes clad horse topped by an Hermes clad me - I have this horse framed on my bedroom bookshelf, minus the Arian-looking model. 
And my second choice is the Wally Hermes Yacht (take a look at Twisted Sifter)
But this chopper idea makes me very happy too.

Thanks Hermes...