Made for S.A.M

On a stroll through Singapore Art Museum (ok who am I kidding I never stroll through SAM, I charge through wondering where my event is and when it will actually start) I saw the white ceramic thing below and had to stop and admire it's beauty. Guess what it is? Well, with the wood part it's two things actually, a set: they are both a piggybank, and a pencil case. As a piggy bank, it's one of the sweetest objects of simple genius that Heart Fairs has had the pleasure of being stopped by. 
Called 'Piggyback', the product is from the Made for SAM initiative, and designed by Wong Mun Summ & Richard Hassell of WOHA.

 Piggyback (Set of 2)
Sing$160, available at the farm online store 

Another beauty is this cork pencil case:


by Lee Tze Ming of Half & Half 

And my little bro actually rode the MRT hung over all the way from Woodlands just to get this mug early on  his last day in Singapore last time he visited! When he told me the story later I didnt realise he was talking about Made for SAM - he's so quietly brilliant, my brother - not only has he got a great eye but he's willing to go through pain for the sake of good design :)

A Vessel of Plenty

by Low Jun Jek of YOLK

Well done to all the artists/designers who took part in this Made for SAM project, and to the Farm online store. It's such a treat to have the opportunity to own limited edition objects designed by such extreme talent.

Thanks SAM!