Chiang Mai - is it really where the stylish vacation round here?

**Update: the answer is no, sadly. But it was an incredible time - met some really cool people, took a swim in the Ping river in pouring rain, and ate the most delicious noodle soup ever **

Let you know next week - I'm going to be in those pictures above (yep, relaxing in that hammock for ants), at Chiang Mai River House, for a short trip alone. I've never been there before, but various fashionable people have told me they love it. I'm going because I booked the flights a year ago on a whim - the return fare from K.L on sale was less that US$5! I want to meditate and read, I hope it's amazing. Will let you know what's there.

Have you been to Chiang Mai? What'd you think of the place?