so ready for Art HK

The other day, I had a strange feeling that someone was at the front gate but I half looked, saw nobody and ignored it. I went back to what I was doing and was just about to get in the shower and the power went out... I had to go to the front door to flip the fuse back on. Well, FedEx was out there! I ran out in only a towel (scandalous behaviour in Malaysia btw) and hello: 5 x VIP packs for Art Hong Kong!! 
So freaking excited! I cannot wait.
Will be posting a picture of my invites and passes (i know you all want to see them - or is it just me who likes that stuff??) and also some info on the fair soon.

note to self: dont ignore the universe when it sends you feelings or it will blackout the electricity just to get your attention.

Thanks FedEx & ArtHK!