Art Hong Kong 2011 schedule of talks

I have for you the adult education & events listings of ArtHK11. 
Those in blue below Heart Fairs hopes to be tweeting from (barring technical difficulties and schedule clashes) so tune in! 

I am so crazy excited for the talk on the Burger collection, and as a consultant I have to attend a Time Out tour and see if they are poisoning or enlightening the minds of new collectors haha

I'm sure it will all be awesome. Not long now.

Backroom programme:

             Thurs 26 May | 3.30–5.30pm | Is Ink Painting Dead? Is It Contemporary?

             Thurs 26 May | 6–8pm | Inaugural Burger Collection Keynote Lecture

             Fri 27 May | 4-6pm | ‘Korea, Be Inspired’ 

             Sat 28 May | 10.30am-12.30pm | Hong Kongism

             Sat 28 May | 2–4pm | A Decade Revisited…

             Sun 29 May | 2-4.30pm | Open Platform

Time Out New to Buying Art Tour:

Friday 27 May

Saturday 28 May



Sunday 29 May

Also, Para/Site is giving tours of the fair - if you wanted to attend sign up when you arrive.
More info on all events and visiting the fair at the ArtHK website, click here.