Art + A View

I'm momentarily distracted from anything ArtHK11-related by the Nanjing Sifang Art Museum project of Steven Holl Architects, a firm kinda known for seemingly death-defying elements in certain buildings. This new building looks like a private residence, check it out:

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"The museum explores the shifting viewpoints, layers of space, expanses of mist and water, which characterize the deep alternating spatial mysteries of the composition of Chinese painting.... The upper gallery, suspended high in the air, unwraps in a clockwise turning sequence and culminates at "in-position" viewing of the city of Nanjing in the distance." 
(a little excerpt from Steven Holl Architects, read more about the project here)

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It is looking so awesome! I cant wait to go there one day.
I think it's such a bizarre building for China, I mean look at it in the landscape, odd and so cool. Imagine viewing art inside with noone else around, that would be heaven.

Below is a list of other museums the firm has done, which are all obviously really different. You can read all about them and see pictures at the company website, and if you click on news you will see projects that the firm has just won.

Thanks, Steven Holl Architects!