Art Stage - eye catchers

Transporting treats: Japanese artist group Paramodel

These are too awesome. What I love about Japanese art is that it always contains so much whimsy while also making perfect sense. Genius nation.

A few more:

(I was so blown away by the Australian light captured by photorealist painter Juan Ford, I recognised it, I swear I recognised the sunlight from home, and I walked straight to the back of the booth to see the works up close, i'm not kidding. Was also so lucky to meet Juan, coolest guy - and such extreme talent. See his website here - get ready, it will blow your mind especially if you're Aussie). If I get time I'll post on him, maybe an interview, so stay tuned!

@ Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin

@ MAD. I was loving this sheet-covered nod to art history

@ the aussie booth, our typical garden snails

Antique Chinese furniture redefined: this was so exhilarating to walk through

I met Shen ShaoMin! (this is a work of his) 
I said hi to him at the fair to tell him how much I loved his work on show at SAM in the parallel exhibit from private collections. He is so nice, normal and friendly. The work, Summit (2010)  has to be experienced to be believed. Castro lay there sick and breathing.
Here are some images of it from the web, sorry if I stole them from you, but it was too dark in there to get anything on my phone!: