Heart Fairs shows the world through my eyes I guess, but it's not about me. So for those of you who want to know let's get these out of the way. Hope you find what you're looking for, if not contact Heart Fairs directly anytime.

Where are you from?
I'm Australian, but I'm a global citizen. as wanky as that sounds it's so true

What is your profession?
I am an art consultant to private collectors, and I am an independent curator and a freelance writer, mainly for art mags. On the fashion side, I like styling it more than writing it!

Why did you start Heart Fairs?
Because I love art fairs. I wanted to explore the 'uncool'-ness of that.
Also, I needed a place to focus in on my interests, share discoveries, and vent my opinions on it all. The things I write for work (reviews for magazines etc) are always edited or about limited topics.

What is the background image on Heart Fairs?
It's David LaChapelle giving a talk at the first ever Art Stage Singapore about his career and presenting a slide image of Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow.  It was a magical moment in my life in which about a million things coverged into one, seemingly for my personal joy. Then he started speaking about the Jefferson Bible and I nearly fell to my knees to thank the universe for that day. hahaha im kinda joking, but its true too. Took it on my phone.

What do you love?
Just a few of the things I love: christmas, magazines, auctions and the art markets, MTV, art collections & collectors, houses and interiors, swimming pools, documentaries, Byzantium, old churches and cathedrals, french fries, lifestyle design, cutting edge technology, gourmet food and cooking, spirituality, modern art, contemporary art, art history, twentieth century architecture and design, fashion, Elvis, country music, shoes & sneakers, celebrity goss and good tv and commercial movies, books, bookstores and libraries, horses, exotic locations, hotels old and new, boats and cars, cats and dogs, snow, my family, and love. 

What's your favourite...
Ok... Royal blue, white, sometimes hot pink, sometimes grey

Fashion designer?
Azzedine Alaia, Christopher Bailey, Josh Goot, Alexander Wang, Tom Ford when he was at Gucci, and there are so many more. And I love fresh ideas as they come out, no matter who it is. In general I love the big name luxury houses, especially Hermes. Also, I'm not an indie designer person, i'm like totally fashion week, but the ultra-serious side of it - that's where the fun is for me. And I dont care so much about the person as their clothes! 

Fashion magazine?
Ah, this is a great question. Harper's Bazaar, the Australian or American ones. French vogue is good too. UK Elle is ok. I dont so much like the 'edgy' magazines - everyone looks the same in that world to me and they're always full of lomo and homemade necklaces.

Art or artist?
I come across like 5 exhibitions and 8 works of art a day that move me.  
Ok of course I do have mega favourites - whenever I think of these I die from love and obsessive emotions: David Hockney's A Bigger Splash and A Bigger Grand Canyon, Richard Prince's cowboys, Rothko, Kasimir Malevich, Mikhail Vrubel, Cezanne, Natee Utarit, Damien Hirsts stained glass windows, Takashi Murakami's collabs with LV and Andy Warhol's Elvis screenprint at the NGA, for various reasons these are all faves.

Art Gallery?
Maybe the National Gallery of Australia, because it's home, it's basic, professional, old school, empty and has (just quietly) a fucking amazing collection of International Painting & Sculpture. Or maybe Tate Modern but that's super obvious and huge. To be honest i'm well into institutions where I can go and be alone with a major work of art but I might see school groups, or couples, or families. I love that educational, open-to-all type environment. Some people hate art institutions but I love them. When i'm in there and they get the whole deal right, and I'm standing in front of something that is so public and priceless but so personally uplifting to me, like House under construction or something, I have to control my outburst of joy and rejoice in silence because you know, you cant make a sound in there haha! Actually I pretty much have to do that everywhere I go - you cant exactly rejoice or cry or anything in art fairs and on the streets either. Maybe that's why I started this blog, to house my joy!

If you want a private gallery, I'd have to say: anywhere with white walls, big name, no-bullshit artists and curators, a dedication to a bit of publishing, art fair appearances and friendly staff is awesome. 
And maybe the Rubell's collection in Miami, because it is this amazing cross between a private collection and a museum, and it's America-focused. But I dont know that much about it really and I've never been so it's weird how much I love it haha.

Paris! NYC, Miami, LA, Kuala Lumpur, Jackson Hole, Nashville, Memphis.  Wow like a hundred of those are in the States. A couple of them I've never been to, guess which ones. I also love the South Coast beaches in Australia, if you care.

Where are you now?
beautiful Malaysia

What's your real name?
Suraya Warden, yo   :)

How can I contact you? 
You can get in touch with Heart Fairs on twitter, or email me at HeartFairs@gmail.com!
You can also contact me through my websites:

www.wix.com/kswarden/online (new site w/ flash)
www.surayawarden.info (old site)